Environment & Energy

Environment & Energy

Onur Holding aims to reduce its environmental impact and at the same time create value for the communities in which it operates with its environmental strategy focusing on People, Environment and Society, built on sustainable growth with quality.

At the same time, it works to improve its environmental performance by being aware that the majority of the raw materials used in the operations of its brands are obtained from recycling. It contributes to the proper protection of the environment and ecosystems by integrating clean energy and sustainable development goals into all areas of activity. The practices described above are the fundamental and indispensable issues adopted by Onur Holding in terms of its environmental responsibilities.

The company does not believe that any commercial gain will be beneficial without the protection and successful realization of the concepts of human and clean future in its production and service processes. In line with these goals, the company protects its responsibilities towards human nature and nature with a great and devoted planning.

In this direction, people and a clean future have always been at the top of its plans and projects while creating its vision for the future and the steps it has taken over the years.



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